Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The Playset & More

This is for the grandparents:

This is the swing set! We think we have decided on this one! We will add pea gravel to the 'safe play area' that is going to be pretty big. (38' X23') The playset includes a 2-level clubhouse with a roof, lower play deck and picnic table w/bench (instead of the sand box), tunnel entrance w/rock wall climbing ladder, 2 swings, one trapeze bar (we will add a baby swing for now though), a regular ladder to the second story clubhouse, a porch, sun deck. (Can't wait to add some flower boxes to the porch & deck for Bella!)

We will also be adding a trampoline (the one pictured), a large picnic/craft table (that we will customize by painting and decorating ourselves) and sandbox/wading pool combo (also pictured) to their play-area.


Dawn said...

Very cool swing set & trampoline! You have a very nice blog. It's so good to find another Austin Garden Blogger! I'll add you to my site as well. :-)

Bonnie said...

Good to find you- you've been outed as an Austin garden blogger so I'm sure you'll get some other visitors to your site from Austin. We did the playset thing last xmas. You might want to consider mulch underneath instead of pea gravel. Both are nice, but we found the mulch to be easier on the parents since it doesn't get dragged in the house like the pea gravel does in the cracks of shoes. But the playset looks fabulous. Looking forward to seeing you new beds when they are built.