Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Master is stumped

We CAN NOT find out anything about our weeds.  So, after much researching, my speciality, I found the email address to the Travis County Master Gardener and we have been exchanging emails.  Well, about one week has gone by without any new info and I thought perhaps they had given up or just forgot about us...not so.  (Read Blog Entry about our pesky weed)

Today I received an email from them:  they are stumped!!?  I knew Sean and I couldn't have lost our touch...I mean we do research for a living and don't give up easily---we were (are) determined to find out what this weed is but even "The Masters" are having trouble.  

I have faith in them---Aggies they may be but then again so are most of my BFFs or they married one.  So, I feel the need to say: "Gig 'Em, Aggies!' (Aye, is it obvious this Longhorn went to one too many games in Aggie Land?)

Tammy's Email: (it includes some resourceful links as well)


We’re still on the hunt for the particular name of this plant.  It

appears to be a member of the Aster family of which many fit the

pictures you have sent us.  We will send this on to ”experts” that may

be able to tell us it’s true ID.  Once known we can offer suggestions

for eliminating it from your lawn area however this may not be easy

especially if you want to protect children and pets. 

We will be in touch…


Tommie C.

Travis County Master Gardener

PS – The “Wildflower Center” has a plants database with similar images

you may wish to check:; then search

on common name “daisy”.

Travis County Master Gardener Volunteer

Texas Cooperative Extension

1600 Smith Rd.

Austin, Texas 78721

(512) 854-9600

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