Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A Texas Winter

Yes, this indeed is a Texas Winter.  It's been drizzling for about three days now.  We did have 2 'cold' days then one extremely muggy and warm day followed by two more muggy, chilly, and rainy days.  How warm?  Well, we had our AC on last night and then had to turn the Heater back at 6 A.M and Sunday night we had the fireplace going.  Tomorrow people will go swimming in Barton Springs Pool (a personal fav) or the entire city will be in panic because the roads froze over.  

Me being negative:  Blah...rainy, muggy, weather makes the grounds soggy so we are stuck we go to the Library and Texas Jumping Beans

On the +side:  it is softening our soil =  it will be easier to move and break up।  :-) See, there is always something to smile about!  

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