Monday, December 24, 2007


Pecan Pickers and Christmas!

We headed to my hometown this week and while visiting my Grandmother's house, I decided that we need a pecan tree. Why? Well, when I finally arrived to the house, my parents, who had our children with them, were already there and hanging out on the front lawn. I didn't realize what they were doing until I too got out of my car and my heart jumped with joy and head spun with memories all at the same time.

I lived for 4 years with my Abuelitos and I remember the day this pecan tree was planted by my Tio Carmelo on the front lawn. (He lived next door) I also remember my Tia Liz running over it with the mower and how funny we thought it was when she realized what she had done!

That tree, meant a lot to me.

I remember walking circles around this very young tree while waiting for my Uncle and Aunt to arrive with their new baby, Alejandrina. Running round it while chasing fireflies, catching them and putting them into my mayo jar as we watched the little leaguers play ball across the street--waiting until Tio Carmelo said 'Vamos' and we all walked to the concession stands to buy nachos, hot dogs or steak fingers. Staring past it from our patio as I watched my very distraught mother drove away to my aunt's house on the night it burned, taking the lives of my cousins. And crying next to it on the day Tio Carmelo did not return home...cancer had won. And of course, walking around the yard on many summer and fall days, picking up the pecans for my grandfather. He would in exchange, walk us to the gas station down the street to buy candy--I always chose a Ring Pop or one of those Dinosaur Eggs in the big black box with neon writing.

And now, I just want to up-root it and bring it home...but I can't.

So, it was the pecans from this tree that my children were picking up. Isabella had a plastic bag full and my son was taking some from a pile made by my mother and an Uncle, tossing them back into the grass and laughing out loud.

I joined in the fun of course, picking pecans and taking pictures. I was thankful for the 'flashbacks' on this Christmas Eve Day.

(You can see the tree behind my uncle in second picture.)

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